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Optimum integrated Green Solutions for your budget

At Konservation Drive LLP, we offer a bouquet of green services:

Conservation Program Mediation

We guide our clients as per their budgetary boundaries, suggesting the best green initiatives for optimum sustainability within these limits. In this endeavour, we follow certain guidelines including:

We believe that the solution to present day urban problems lies in the traditional knowledge of architecture, and combining both modern and traditional knowledge will help achieve passive solar architecture, natural air circulation through optimized wind flow patterns and effective fenestration. An energy savings of up to 30% is possible by such means.

Site Analysis and Selection

Creating sustainable buildings begins with meticulous site selection. Since the location and landscaping affect local ecosystems, security, transportation methods and energy use, we apply careful consideration into sustainable site analysis and selection, advising the incorporation of smart growth principles into the project development process, be it for an apartment complex, a single building, a school or even a single house.

We employ a holistic approach that takes into consideration social responsibility, environmental protection and economic development, to deliver optimal results right from this first step in sustainable development. In this regard, we factor in security, access and proximity to roads, parking, perimeter lighting, heat islands, energy implications and carbon emissions, native flora, erosion and surface runoff among other considerations, as critical issues during site selection. Determining weather patterns, climate, wind speed and direction, path of the sun, water flow and geology of a site are all typically noted and documented in order to perceive future ramifications of building in a particular site, and analysing how best to design a building to optimize particular features of the site while minimizing the potential for extreme energy use.

We are aware that building and construction have an impact on the land and its resources, so our efforts are directed towards minimising this impact. Also, we don't just assess how the elements like wind, soil and water affect the integrity of the building, but how the building affects these, and weigh both sides of the environmental equation.

At Konservation Drive, we add value through our suggestions for enhanced living spaces. Our Microclimate Responsive Designs seek to reduce the negative impact on the environment and maintain health and comfort of the building occupants. Through these designs, we suggest:

Whether retrofitting an existing building or planning around a new one, we ensure that the site design integrates with the sustainable design to ascertain the success of the project.

Energy Management

The changing climate and climbing fuel prices both provide strong incentives for energy conservation on a global scale. Low energy consumption is a major objective in green building design, and to enable this, we provide the technical know-how for the use of alternative, green sources of energy such as solar and wind energy.

Konservation Drive empowers you to intelligently manage energy efficiency across production and consumption, to achieve energy savings while optimizing occupant comfort. Efficient design of electrical, mechanical and lighting systems reduces energy consumption and reduces utility costs.

Scope for Energy management:

Renewable energy will be generated and/or controlled through:

We have ascertained that these can reduce energy requirements up to 30% for every unit in a complex and 65% in common areas.

In our work with our parent company, Orange County Foundation, we have used Intelligent Energy Converters with every solar panel, which has increased the overall efficiency of solar PV systems from 6-7%. We have also used a green control panel unit in every apartment to regulate the use of free green power up to 1.5 Amp, which has helped promote the culture of energy conservation.

We have also found the conventional solar hot water systems to be ineffective in high-rise buildings, and have thus introduced the PLC-based fool-proof alternative – the solar hot water distribution system, which has proved immensely successful through a net saving of up to 40% in energy needs. Also reducing wastage of water

Water Management

Water is a precious resource and the ever-increasing demand for it nowhere equivalent to the replenishing of the supplying aquifer. Hence, conservation of water is a key consideration.

Our recommendations on water conservation and recovery include:

We also prepare comparative statements of available technologies in wastewater management in terms of area required, civil costs, recycled water quantity etc., so that you can apply the most suitable solution within the constraints of your budget.

Solid Waste Management

At Konservation Drive, we're committed to helping you meet your environmental and regulatory requirements through offering customizable sustainability strategies that streamline solid waste management operations, maximize the possibility for recycling, reduce the overall carbon footprint and reduce overall costs. The goal is to reduce solid waste volume as well as the cost of disposal through optimizing the potential for recycling. In this regard, solid wastes may be identified, segregated, collected, recycled, treated and/or disposed in a safe way. We try to ensure that you divert as much as you can from landfills through effective recycling, reuse or through reduced usage.

Solid waste management will also take into account the implementation of effective waste-processing equipment, which will lower operational costs, optimised value of recyclable material and minimises overall footprint.

For solid waste management, we advocate:

We have demonstrated effective management solid waste material through the use of bacterial culture system for biodegradable waste. This waste is recycled as manure for vegetable gardens and landscapes, and also used for creating soil-less terrace gardens. Non-biodegradable including E-waste has been regularised through special agencies. This has resulted in zero-garbage societies.

Reducing Carbon Footprint

Buildings contribute to over 30% of carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere, becoming one of the factors responsible for global warming. Thus, right from planning to demolition, buildings need to adopt sustainable and efficient practices through all their phases.

The carbon footprint may be reduced through various parameters. We advise an in-depth study of each of these parameters such as construction material, design, energy, water and waste management and finding suitable solutions for reducing the carbon footprint through such means. These would include:

We perform a cost-benefit analysis with conventional and sustainable construction practices that reflect advantages and disadvantages. We also advise how each parameter in a building has an impact on the environment in terms of the carbon footprint, and suggest strategies to minimise this impact.

Green Certifications

At Konservation Drive, we pride ourselves in helping you choose the certifications that will help you in the long run, which are financially viable and simple in terms of implementation of criteria. This is perhaps our most unique quality – to identify the certification that will best suit your purpose and requirements.

Our field experience gives us superior technical competence to advise you in areas such as site selection, materials management during construction and minimizing waste.

  • The different green certifications are:
  • LEED
  • WILL
  • EDGE

Sustainable Landscape

Green building extends to include sustainable landscape, encompassing strategies right from the kind of plants grown in the area to the materials used in the sidewalks or pathways in the gardens. At Konservation Drive, we understand that each site is different, thereby demanding a unique set of green initiatives that will result in a lower impact on the environment as well as a more efficient use of resources. This is why we offer tailored solutions for each individual project based on its unique needs.

We offer help in achieving sustainable landscape design by:

Planting of native trees like Indian Rain Tree, Amaltash, Indian Cork Tree, Bamboo, Saptaparni, Bakul, Alstonia, Ficus, Jambul, Bauhinia etc. maintain ecological balance of the site and attract local biodiversity.

Connecting Sustainability Needs with Sponsors

Apart from providing consultancy services on green initiatives, we also serve as a valuable connect between organizations and agencies which require green initiatives but are short on funds, and corporations that can sponsor these requirements. So, if you are looking for a sponsor to support your basic necessities via green initiatives, we will help by taking your proposal to the corporate world, for consideration and due action. If you are a company looking to fulfil your corporate social responsibility, then we can help connect you with agencies in need of such initiatives.

With a background in real estate and green constructions, we will undertake the required initiatives such as civil work, energy and water management, infrastructure improvement etc.

Bridging social requirements with sponsoring organizations allows us to: