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You can see the signs — climate change, earthquakes, tsunamis, the melting ice caps, and global warming. In recent decades, humans have altered the world to a large extent to serve their own needs, causing the planet to signal to us through such direct and urgent means. We now need to view the world and engage with it from a fresh, new perspective. It is time to take responsibility and make a commitment towards the future, through sustainable development.

At KONSERVATION Drive LLP, we firmly believe in our duty towards the environment and have been practicing Green techniques in conjunction with our parent company, Orange County Foundation, over the last few years in a strong effort to reduce the burden on our planet and its resources. Working on these projects through the years has given us immense experience in sustainable conservation of water and energy. We now take this experience along with our passion for a sustainable environment to the next level, providing specialised consultancy services for integrated solutions, so that society as a whole may be benefited from our knowledge and competencies.

We are sustainability advisors who follow a systemised process of analysing and verifying before proposing optimum solutions within the framework of your budget, and continue to remain a trusted resource for those who genuinely want to contribute towards the environment.

Why You Need Konservation Drive LLP

The current vision of our honourable Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi, encourages bridging of the energy deficit and meeting India's energy requirements through affordable renewable resources like solar and wind power. With a revised target of renewable energy capacity of 175000 MW till 2022, comprising 100000 MW Solar, 60000 MW Wind, 10000 MW Biomass and 500 MW Small Hydro, India is on the path to renewable energy. In this mission, Konservation Drive is already walking the path, committed to a sustainable path to prosperity while charting a similar growth trajectory.

The Prime Minister's goals for the immediate future recognize that economic growth, industrialization, infrastructure and access to energy are the cornerstones to development. With a focus on the basics – housing, power, water and sanitation for all, along with emphasis on education, afforestation, reform in transportation and cleaning of cities and rivers, the government has allotted considerable sums towards the realization of these goals.

Konservation Drive is making strides in all these areas, assisting in the fulfilment of national goals through its dedication to sustainable development and a proven expertise in renewable energy, green certifications, environment clearances, climate responsive designs, hot water systems, water and wastewater management, low emissions building materials, waste management, bio-diverse landscapes and in monitoring the implemented green initiatives.

Brand Story

Our parent company, Orange County Group, has completed almost 5-lac sq. ft. of sustainable development in the Pune region. Each of its projects is self-sustainable, maintained and audited by a third party, and financially viable for both the end user as well as the investor.

Being an environment-conscious entity, the Orange County Group has, from the start, adopted conservation practices, basing all its projects on a sustainable conservation platform. Konservation Drive LLP has emerged from this parent company's commitment and impelling drive towards sustainability with the same steadfast conviction, combined with its own love for the environment. While Orange County has been philanthropic about its Green Initiatives, Konservation Drive grew out of the need for a more concentrated, commercial focus on these initiatives, and a wider market for its implementation.

Today, Konservation Drive works towards the conservation and optimisation of natural resources within a built-in environment, offering consultation services to anyone who wishes to implement Green initiatives, making the process of constructing homes or offices simple and hassle-free.

Our expertise extends to include:


We have been empowered by years of knowledge and hands-on expertise, working with Orange County. In keeping with our core belief, we work to conserve available resources on a sustainable basis, thereby reducing the impact on our planet.


We envision a world where the basic needs of people such as shelter, clean water, reliable power, sanitation and food are met in an environmentally sustainable way. In this regard, we wish to create long-term value through the integrated solutions we provide for any Green initiative focused on sustainable conservation.


Our mission lies in transforming natural resources into sustainable development, providing solutions which uplift the community and protect the planet, and creating a world that offers more hope than it does today. In the words of Mahatma Gandhi, "One must care about the world one will not see." We believe in these wise words and are determined to remain committed to an environment-friendly future by encouraging lifestyle change that would make us collectively less dependent on energy, and more sustainable in our consumption. In this mission, we are aligned with our respected Prime Minister's philosophy that stresses on renewable energy to meet the energy requirements of the entire nation, through a quantum leap in energy production and connectivity.

Value Statement

We value and respect the environment. We also believe that life, and quality of life matters. In this regard, we leverage innovation and technology to improve sustainability, and bring our passion for the environment to every project.

Our Team

Pritesh Gadiya

Pritesh holds a proven track record in market intelligence and strategic sourcing, his core competencies. Displaying strong commercial leadership and securing significant cost savings through effective vendor management, inventory reduction and capital management, he has gained recognition in the company for his performance and deliverables. Pritesh holds a Postgraduate Degree in Entrepreneurship from the UK and a Bachelor's Degree in Electronics and Telecom Engineering. He is armed with over a decade's experience in the corporate world and a valuable 4+ years of business experience.

Our Valuable Advisors

The team at Konservation Drive works synergistically, taking its duty towards minimising the impact on the environment very seriously. Its instinct to protect, manage and co-exist with resources translates to its business ethics and the manner in which the company operates as a business.

How We Work

Being a dedicated and responsible environmental consultancy, we pride ourselves in operational efficiency and honesty in all our dealings.

We guide our clients in keeping with their budget, helping them choose the Green initiatives that would best suit their purpose by following certain guidelines:

For a smooth and seamless process, we require from our customers:

Our consultancy services aim to assist any individual, organization or apartment community interested in sustainable habitat development, helping them implement both financial and technically viable, sustainable solutions. We provide integrated solutions for any Green initiative, right from concept to completion, handholding you right from site selection to the final certification.